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Maximum per order 2.
A single Omnicraft Backwall order includes all five graphic panels shown above. This display has the option to be set up as an Omnicraft and Motorcraft dual branded display, an Omnicraft only display, or a Motorcraft only display. The display's set up is entirely up to you to best compliment your event and image. See below for this display's possible set ups.
Omnicraft Only
Omnicraft Backwall Set Up
Dual Branded
Dual Branded Backwall Set Up
Motorcraft Backwall Set Up
Hop Up
Hop Up Display *
Maximum per order 1.
* Please note: this display takes 1.5 hours for one person to assemble. Please allow for ample time before and after your show to CAREFULLY set-up and tear down this display.

Q: How much does it cost to order a Omnicraft event kit?  

A: Shipping costs and order fulfillment is covered in full if the event is deemed a certified Omnicraft Event.

Q: Why must I include billing information if these costs are covered?

A: For collateral. If the kit is not returned or returned in a condition that is unacceptable, you can be held liable for the costs for repair or replacement. All banners and graphics must also be returned with the kit or you will be charge for new ones. There are pack lists in each kit so you do not miss anything when you are repacking. We do a check on every Omnicraft Kit that comes back and you will be contacted if something does not appear in order.

Q: Are drayage fees covered by Omnicraft if I need my items sent to a convention center, etc.?

A: Those costs are not covered and you will be required to handle these fees.

Q: How long can I keep the kit for?

A: We would prefer you keep the kit for one event at a time, however you can request to maintain a kit longer by contacting our Omnicraft representative.

Q: How do I return the kits when finished?

A: In one of the shipments you receive, we will include prepaid Fedex Shipping Labels in an envelope. All you have to do is put the specified label on each of the packages and contact Fedex for a pick up by calling 1-800-GoFedex

Q: I still have questions, who should I contact?

A: Contact our Event Kit Manager, Nick Crumb, either by email at Ncrumb@apogeeexhibits.com or phone at 315-986-4600. 

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